Psychological Sciences Department Travel Procedures

Pre-Trip (Recommended timing: 4-6 weeks before travel)

  1. Apply for funding
    • Faculty: Apply for Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) and American Association of University Professors (AAUP) travel funds using this link
    • Students: Print and complete appropriate form
      • Department_Travel_Application_Form_2021 (Graduate students in their first 5 years of studies are eligible for up to $500 of travel funding per year, except for the year Grad School travel funding is received. This funding is restricted to first authors presenting University of Connecticut research material.)
      • Departmental Workshop Fellowship Application (One-time award to support attendance at workshop on related research topic)
      • Graduate School Funding forms for Fall and Spring Travel
  2. Complete the pre-trip Travel WebForm at
    • Click “Travel WebForm” (Green Box)
    • Login with your NETID and password
    • Select “Pre-Trip”, fill out traveler information
    • Dates and Destination: Please note you must add a separate line entry for personal travel dates, and multiple travel destinations.
    • Direct Payments (Optional): Rental cars and lodging can now be charged directly to KFS accounts. Registration can be purchased with a departmental procard
    • Select KFS Processor: Select “CLAS Departments” as Unit, “Psychology” as Group
    • Pre-trip Notes: Please indicate funding source.
  3. Make your travel arrangements (Flight, Hotel, and Rental Car) by going to and using the Sanditz Booking Tool
    • Note: a Financial Assistant in the front office is also available to assist with securing these arrangements, and purchasing registration with procard



  1. Submit original receipts to front office using the travel reimbursement envelope
    • Travelers are entitled to location-specific per diems for meals (rates can be found at
    • Receipts not required for expenses under $25.00.
  2. After all receipts are received, a Financial Assistant from the front office will complete the Post-Trip and submit it to the Travel Department for processing of reimbursement.


Contact Information of Office Support Staff

If you are unsure on what information to use for this portion of your travel funding application, please use the following:

Name: Rachel Borden
NetID: rlb12002
Phone #: (860) 486-0562




* If you have any questions, please see the front office before making any arrangements!