Research Course Policies

These policies only apply to PSYC 3889 (Undergraduate Research), PSYC 3899 (Independent Study), and PSYC 4197W (Senior Thesis in Psychology) and should be used in conjunction with University and CLAS policies. None of the following apply to PSYC 3880 (Field Experience).

  1. Advertisement of Opportunities
  2. Enrollment via Permission Number
    1. Section Number
    2. Number of Credits
    3. Enrollment Deadline
  3. Course Titles
  4. Enrollment via Form
    1. Psychological Sciences Research Learning Agreement
    2. Independent Study Authorization
    3. Enrollment Deadline
  5. Evaluation

Advertisement of Opportunities

Available PSYC 3889 positions may be self-posted on the designated bulletin board outside of the Undergraduate Program Office. Posted flyers must contain the name of the lab’s faculty supervisor; non-compliant flyers will be removed. At this time, there is not a dedicated website for posting such positions. Positions may be advertised via an announcement on our website and/or in the Undergraduate Psychological Sciences Digest by emailing the Undergraduate Program Office.

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Enrollment via Permission Number

Psychological Sciences faculty may opt to issue a permission number [View Tutorial] directly to students registering for PSYC 3889, 3899, and 4197W. It is strongly suggested that students get a permission number for these courses.  Once faculty issue a permission number for PSYC 3889/3899/4197W, if the student wishes to have the course title added to their transcript, they must request via email to the Registars office.

Section Number

To enroll, students must search for the course and select the appropriate section from 75+ sections in the Student Administration System (i.e., PeopleSoft). Faculty need to ensure that graduate students or research assistants transparently identify their faculty supervisor and tell students the section number in which they should enroll. Both the permission number and the section number can be obtained from the same page in the Student Administration System.

Number of Credits

Faculty need to be clear with students regarding the number of credits they should sign up for, as the student will self-enroll with a permission number and select the appropriate number of credits ranging from 1 to 6:

Example showing the class details for PSYC 3889 before adding the section to your shopping cart. A yellow box highlights where to add the permission number. An orange box highlights where to change the number of credits.
If a student enrolls with a permission number (yellow box), they also need to adjust the number of credits (orange box).

Mistakes concerning the number of credits cannot be corrected by the Undergraduate Program Office; the faculty must email the registrar at with the following:

  • Student’s Name
  • Student’s ID Number
  • Subject, Catalog Number (e.g., PSYC 3889), Section Number, and Class Number (i.e., the unique 4-5 digit number)
  • Change in number of credits

Critical information can be obtained from the Student Administration System (i.e., PeopleSoft): Faculty Schedule > My Schedule.

Enrollment Deadline

Enrollment with a permission number is only possible when registration is open to the student in the Student Administration System (i.e., PeopleSoft). Once the Add/Drop period ends after the 2nd week of the semester, students cannot enroll with a permission number and must instead use the Independent Study Authorization Form.

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Course Titles

When a student is enrolled via permission number, the following will appear on a student’s transcript:

PSYC     3889     Undergraduate Research     3.00     3.00 A     12.000

These courses have the option of having a subtitle listed as follows:

PSYC     3889     Undergraduate Research     3.00     3.00 A     12.000

Notes : Neuropsychopharmacology

Faculty can still issue a permission number to the student and the title can appear.  Once enrolled, the student can email the registrar’s office to add the note with the title.The course will be listed as any other course with the course number and official title. However, faculty/students who would like to have a title listed under “Notes” on the transcript have three options:

  • During Add/Drop – Faculty can issue a permission number through the end of Add/Drop. The student can email the registrar’s office to request the addition of the title.
  • After Add/Drop Ends – Permission numbers can no longer be used and students MUST use the Independent Study Authorization Form The student can include the title on the form.
  • Or, faculty may request a permanent title be added to their section by emailing the Undergraduate Program Office. Once added, this permanent title will automatically roll over into future semesters and be automatically added to every student’s transcript.

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Enrollment via Form

Faculty should not issue a permission number and also have the student complete the Independent Study Authorization. It is only one or the other. Using both a permission number and the form can result in the student being “double-enrolled” in the course for twice the desired number of credits. Should this occur, the faculty must follow the steps outlined above for correcting the number of credits.

Psychological Sciences Research Learning Agreement

Since the Undergraduate Program Office no longer uses the Research Learning Agreement, they created the Psychological Sciences Research Learning Agreement for personal faculty use as a syllabus or agreement. Use of the form is entirely optional and will remain between the faculty and the student. We encourage faculty and student to discuss in advance the requirements, policies, and grading of PSYC 3889, 3899, and 4197W coursework. The Undergraduate Program Office would be delighted to offer insight and advice in this regard. In short, faculty may have the student complete the form and keep the form as a syllabus or agreement at their discretion.

Independent Study Authorization

Students enrolling with the form instead of permission number now only need to complete the Independent Study Authorization Form.

Enrollment Deadline

Faculty can issue a permission number to students to enroll in their PSYC 3889, 3899, and 4197W sections through the end of the Add/Drop period for the current semester (by the 10th day of the semester).  After this time, the Independent Study Authorization Form  must be used.  The final deadline to add research to a student’s schedule is typically around the 9th week of classes.  After this time, students cannot add research to their schedule, even if they have been doing it.



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In the future, instead of tracking the activities of PSYC 3889 students with the paper Psychological Sciences Research Learning Agreement, the Undergraduate Program Office will use an online Qualtrics Survey. Late-semester (after the 10th week of the semester), the Undergraduate Program Office will email each PSYC 3889, 3899, and 4197W student a link to an online Qualtrics evaluation. Students not completing the survey promptly (one week) will be re-notified. Composite data concerning results of online survey data will be maintained by Undergraduate Program Office and provided to faculty sponsors and the Department Head.

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