Purchasing Requests

Psychological Sciences Department Purchasing and Payment Procedures

  • Please send all purchasing and personal service requests to psychology@uconn.edu.
  • Reimbursement for out-of-pocket purchases are strictly limited to emergency allowable goods and services for official University use for a limited amount. Please do not make a purchase out of pocket unless it is an emergency.
  • Personal service requests (consultants, training professionals, contractors) need to be sent to psychology@uconn.edu at least 2-4 weeks before the service is due in order to ensure that we receive approval beforehand. For Personal Service Agreements (PSA) please allow at least 1 month processing time. Services should not be provided prior to approval as it would be considered an unauthorized purchase.
  • Lecturers, speakers and certain professionals providing personal services can be paid after the fact on a one time basis only if the total amount does not exceed $2500 (including travel) per calendar year.
  • Orders between $10,000 and $50,000 require 3 quotes from different vendors. If a vendor exhausted the non-contract spend available for the fiscal year throughout the university collectively, 3 quotes will be required even if the requested order is under $10,000.
  • Any orders over $50,000 require a formal bid process that is publically advertised.
  • Sole Source Procurement is still available, but Uniform Guidance has limited the use of sole sources to distinct justifications.
  • The Department needs to follow the procurement requirements of State Statutes, the University‚Äôs existing policies and procedures about General- Fair and Open Competition and the OMB Circulars.


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