Yael Dai

Program: Clinical Psychology
Advisor: Deborah Fein
Education: B.A., Psychology, Brandeis University, 2013

M.S., Psychological Sciences, University of Connecticut, 2017

Research Interests: Autism Spectrum Disorders, Parent Training, Comorbidity between ASD and Anxiety Disorders
Representative Publications: Dai, Y.G.,Burke, J.D., Naigles, L., Eigsti, I.M., & Fein, D.A. (in press). Language abilities in monolingual- and bilingual- exposed children with autism or other developmental disorders. Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders.


Dai, Y.G., Brennan, L., Como, A., Hughes-Lika, J., Dumont-Mathieu, T., Rathwell, I., Minxhozi, O., Blerina, A., & Fein, D.A. (in press). A video parent-training program for families of children with autism spectrum disorder in Albania. Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders.


Miller, L.E., Perkins, K.A., Dai, Y.G., & Fein, D.A. (2017). Comparison of parent report and direct assessment of child skills in toddlers. Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders, 41, 57-65.


Barak-Corren, Y., Castro, V.M., Javitt, S., Hoffnagle, A., Dai, Y.G., Perlis, R.H., Nock., M.K., Smoller, J.W., & Reis, B.Y. (2016). Predicting suicidal behavior from longitudinal electronic health records. American Journal of Psychiatry, 174(2), 154-162.


McGrath, L.M., Oates, J.M., Dai, Y.G., Dodd, H.F., Waxler, J., Clements, C.C., Weill, S., Hoffnagle, A., Anderson, E., MacRae, R., Mullet, J., McDougle, C.J., Pober, B.R., & Smoller, J.W. (2016). Attention bias to emotional faces varies by IQ and anxiety in Williams syndrome. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 46(6), 2174-2185.


Dunn, E.C., Brown, R.C., Dai, Y.G., Rosand, J., Nugent, N.R., Amstadter, A.B., & Smoller, J.W. (2014). Genetic determinants of depression: Recent findings and future directions. Harvard Review of Psychiatry, 23(1), 1-18.


Castro, V. M., Minnier, J., Murphy, S. N., Kohane, I., Churchill, S. E., Gainer, V., Cai, T., Hoffnagle, A., Dai, Y.G., Block, S., Weill, S. R., Nadal-Vicens, M., Pollastri, A. R., Rosenquist, J. N., Goryachev, S., Ongur, D., Sklar, P., Perlis, R. H., & Smoller, J. W. (2014). Validation of electronic health record phenotyping of Bipolar Disorder and controls. American Journal of Psychiatry, 172(4), 363-372.



Yael Dai
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