Timothy Michaels


Program:  Clinical Psychology
Advisors: Dr. Chi-Ming Chen
Anticipated Graduation: May 2020
Education: B.A. in History, University of Chicago

Post-Bac in Psychology, Columbia University

Research Interests:  Schizophrenia, Cognitive Neuroscience, Psychosis, Behavioral Neuroscience, Neuropsychology
Representative Publications: Michaels, T.I. &  Novakovic, V. (2015). Can cannabis cause psychosis? Clinical Neuropharmacology, 38 (2), 61-62.

Michaels, T. & Mervis, J. Gontvkovsky, S. & Goldberg, E. (2014). Understanding dementia and its causes. In S. Gontkovsky (Ed.), The Cognitive Therapeutics Method:Non-pharmacological approaches to slowing the cognitive and functional decline associated with dementia. Palo Alto, CA: Home Care Press.

Bisoglio, J., Michaels, T., Mervis, J. & Ashinoff, B. (2014). Cognitive Enhancement Through  Action Video Game Training: Great Expectations Require Greater Evidence. Frontiers in  Psychology, 9(5),1-6.

Filipovi, B., Novakovic, V., Starcevic, A., Radonjic N., Malobabic S., Latas, M., Nikolic, V., Aksic, M., Stijak, L., Ilankovic, N., Atanasijevic, T., Radonjic, V., Michaels, T. & Lindenmayer, J.P. (2013). Co-Occurrence of large cavum septum pellucidum and the absence of the adhesio interthalamica in patients with schizophrenia: A post mortem study. Current Psychopharmacology, 2 (2), 177-182.


Web Pages: http://translab.psy.uconn.edu/timothy-michaels/


Timothy Michaels
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