Michelle Williams

Associate Vice President for Research

Research Interests:

  • Ethnic and racial identity development
  • Multicultural psychology
  • Sexual and relationship violence
  • Effects of alcohol expectancies on victimization risk


Representative Publications:

  • Ponce, A., Williams, M., & Allen, G. (2004). Experience of maltreatment as a child and acceptance of violence in adult intimate relationships: Mediating effects of distortions in cognitive schema. Violence and Victims, 19, 1-12.
  • Hoburg, R., Klonik, J., Williams, M., & Crawford, M. (2004) Bisexuality among self identified heterosexual college students. Journal of Sexuality, 4, 26-36.
  • Williams, M., Dunlap, M., & McCandies, T. (2002) Women of color and feminist psychology: Moving from criticism and critique to integration and application. In L. Collins, M. Dunlap, and J. Chrisler (Eds.) Charting a New Course for Feminist Psychology. Westport, CT: Praeger, pp. 65-89.
  • Donovan, R., & Williams, M. K. (2002). Living at the intersection: effects of racism and sexism on Black rape survivors. Women in Therapy, 25 (3/4), 95-105.


Michelle Williams
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Office LocationWhetten Grad Center