MaryKate Frisch

Program: Clinical Psychology
Advisor: Marianne Barton
Anticipated Graduation: 2026
Education: BA, Psychology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Research Interests: Autism Spectrum Disorders and developmental disabilities


Early identification and intervention


Parent-mediated and community-based intervention

Representative Publications: Turner-Brown, L. & Frisch, M. (in press). Understanding and treating restrictive and repetitive behaviors. In G. Vivanti, K. Bottema-Beutel, & L. Turner-Brown (Eds.). Clinical guide to early interventions for children with autism. Springer.

Wagner, L., Frisch, M., Turner-Brown, L., Andrews, S., Edwards, A., Moultrie, R., … Raspa, M. (in press). Preferences for the research use of electronic health records among young adults with fragile X syndrome or autism spectrum disorder. Disability and Health.

MaryKate Frisch
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