Hannah Thomas

Program: Clinical Psychology
Advisor: Inge-Marie Eigsti
Anticipated Graduation: May 2026
Education: B.A. Psychology; Neuroscience, University of South Carolina, 2018
Research Interests: Optimal Outcomes in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Cognitive Neuroscience of Communication


Representative Publications: Thomas, H.R., Rooney, T., Cohen, M., Bishop, S.L., Lord, C., & Kim, S.H. (Under review). Spontaneous expressive language profiles in a clinically ascertained sample of children with autism spectrum disorder. Autism Research


Kim, S.H., Buzzell, G., Faja, S., Choi, Y.B., Thomas, H.R., Brito, N. H., Shuffrey, L.C., Fifer, W.P., Morrison, F., Lord, C., & Fox, N. (2020). Neural dynamics of executive function in cognitively-able kindergarteners with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) as predictors of concurrent academic achievement. Autism, 24(3), 780-794.

Hannah Thomas
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