Elizabeth Simmons

Program: Perception, Action, Cognition: Language & Cognition
Advisor: James Magnuson
Anticipated Graduation: 2020
  • B.A., Communication Disorders, M.S., Speech-Language Pathology, Southern CT State University
Research Interests:
  • Language acquisition
  • Child development
  • Prosody
  • Clinical populations
Representative Publications:

Simmons, E.S., & Paul, R. (In Press). Disorders of Communication. In A. Martin, F. Volkmar, & M. Lewis (Eds.). Lewis’s Child and Adolescent Psychiatry: A Comprehensive Textbook. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.


Simmons E.S., Dokura, S., DeMayo, D., Magnuson, J., & Eigsti, I. (2016). Acoustic and perceptual correlates of spoken prosody and their relationship to clinical ratings in Autism Spectrum Disorder. Poster presented at the Annual American Speech-Language Hearing Association, Philadelphia, November. 


Zhukova, M. A., Kornilov, S. A., Simmons, E.S, & Grigorenko, E. L. (2016). Diagnosing speech development with the help of “Preschool Language Scales”: A Case analysis. Вопросы психологии [The Issues Relevant to Psychology], 5, 154. 


Simmons, E.S., Paul, R., & Shic, F. (2016). A mobile application for treating prosodic deficits in autism spectrum disorder and other communication impairments: A Pilot Study. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disabilities, 46, 320 – 327.


Elizabeth Simmons
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