David A. Kenny

Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Degree: Ph.D, Northwestern University, 1972, Social Psychology
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Research Interests: Interpersonal perception and the analysis of data from dyads and groups
Research Synopsis: Do people agree with each other in perceiving a common person and are the perceptions that we have of others valid?  Do we know what others think of us and how do self-perceptions differ from the perceptions of others?  Answers to these and other questions in interpersonal perception continue to interest me.  I am also interested in the analysis of dyad and group data and have written several web-based apps that provide analysis results, as well as text, tables, and figures.
Workshops: Dyadic Data Analysis through the Data Analysis Training Institute of Connecticut http://datic.uconn.edu/
Past Students: Deborah Kashy, Michigan State

Tessa West, New York University

Randi Garcia, Smith College

Cynthia Mohr, Portland State University

Linda Albright, Westfield State College

Dean Keith Simonton, University of California at Davis

Thomas Malloy, Rhode Island College

Recent publications: Kenny, D. A., & Judd, C. M.  (2014).  Power anomalies in testing mediation.  Psychological Science, 25, 334-339.


Westfall, J., Kenny, D. A., & Judd, C. M. (2014). Statistical power and optimal design in experiments in which samples of participants respond to samples of stimuli. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 143, 2020-2045.


West, T. V., & Kenny, D. A. (2011).  The truth and bias model of judgment (T&B).  Psychological Review, 118, 357-378. doi:10.1037/a0022936

Kenny, D. A. (2010).  DataToText: Possibilities and problems.  Multivariate Behavioral Research, 45, 1-20.

Representative Publications:  

Kenny, D. A., Kashy, D. A., & Cook, W. L.  (2006).  Analysis of dyadic data. New York:  Guilford. (cited over 2,400 times, according to Google Scholar)


Baron, R. M., & Kenny, D. A.  (1986).  The moderator-mediator variable distinction in social psychological research:  Conceptual, strategic and statistical considerations.  Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 51, 1173-1182. doi:10.1037/0022-3514.51.6.1173 (cited over 55,000 times; most cited paper ever for this journal and the most requested psychology paper on Mendeley Psychology, as of February 2014; one of the top 100 most cited papers in science according to Nature)


Honors and Awards:  

Inaugural Winner of the Methodological Innovation Prize, Society of Personality and Social Psychology, 2013


Theoretical Innovation Award, Society of Personality and Social Psychology, 2012 and 2013


Distinguished Scientist Award, Society of Experimental Social Psychology, 2012


Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award, International Association of Relationship Research, 2010


Sells Award for “Distinguished Lifetime Achievement in Multivariate Experimental Psychology,” Society of Multivariate Experimental Psychology, 2009


Donald T. Campbell Award, Society of Personality and Social Psychology, 2006



Apps: For a description to three apps written for data restructuring see http://davidakenny.net/RDDD.htm and for a description for eight apps written for analysis see http://davidakenny.net/DyadR/DyadRweb.htm.


Dr. David Kenny
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