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Degree: Ph.D., 1993 University of Delaware
Webpages: Spirituality, Meaning and Health


Research Gate Profile

Research Interests: Stress, Coping, and Health; Meaning Making; Psychology of Religion and Spirituality; Trauma; Cancer Survivorship; Yoga
Research Synopsis: Dr. Park’s research focuses on multiple aspects of coping with stressful events, including the roles of religious beliefs and religious coping, the phenomenon of stress-related growth, and the making of meaning in the context of traumatic events and life-threatening illnesses, particularly with cancer survivors, congestive heart failure patients, and military veterans.  In recent years, Dr. Park has also been investigating mind-body relationships, particularly the science of yoga.
Courses: Undergraduate:

PSYC 3105 Health Psychology

PSYC 3889/3899 Independent Study

PSYC 5120 Health Psychology

Students in Research: Dr. Park maintains an active research lab of graduate and undergraduate students.  Of primary interest are applicants with interests and experience relevant to studying health psychology, meaning, complementary/integrative medicine, and/or the psychology of religion and spirituality.
Recent publications: All publications can be found in in

Representative Publications: Park, C. L., Smith, P. H., Lee, S. Y., Mazure, C. M., McKee, S. A., & Hoff, R. (in press). Positive and negative religious/spiritual coping and combat exposure as predictors of posttraumatic stress symptoms and post-traumatic growth in US Soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Psychology of Religion and Spirituality.


Park, C. L., & Cho, D. (in press). Spiritual well-being and spiritual distress predict adjustment in adolescent and young adult cancer survivors. Psycho-Oncology.


Park, C. L., Aldwin, C. M., Choun, S., & George, L. (2016). Spirituality predicts five-year mortality risk in heart failure patients. Health Psychology, 35, 203–210.


Park, C. L., Braun, T., & Siegel, T. (2015). Who practices yoga? A systematic review of demographic, health-related, and psychosocial factors associated with yoga use. Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 38, 460-471.


Park, C. L., & Iacocca, M. O. (2014). A stress and coping perspective on health behaviors: Theoretical and methodological considerations. Anxiety, Stress & Coping, 27, 123-137.


Park, C. L. (2013). Religion and meaning. In R. F. Paloutzian & C. L. Park (Eds.), Handbook of the psychology of religion and spirituality, 2nd Edition (pp. 357-379). New York: Guilford.


Park, C. L., Mills, M., & Edmondson, D. (2012). PTSD as meaning violation: A test of a cognitive worldview perspective. Psychological Trauma Theory, Research Practice, and Policy, 4, 66-73.


Park, C. L. (2010). Making sense of the meaning literature: An integrative review of meaning making and its effects on adjustment to stressful life events. Psychological Bulletin, 136, 257–301.

Research Funding Dr. Park is currently co-principal investigator (PI) (with Michelle Williams) of an NIH-funded study of self-regulation and academic success in UConn students.  She is also currently PI or Co-PI of NIH-funded studies of yoga for stress-management and the development of a tool to measure essential properties of yoga


Crystal Park
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