Bonita Lee

Program: Social Psychology 
Advisor: Nairán Ramírez-Esparza
Anticipated Graduation: 2024
Education: S.Psi (equal to B.Sc in Psychology), 2013, Indonesia
Research Interests: Cyberpsychology

Culture and Language

Social Cognition and Wholesomeness

Representative Publications: Lee, B., Novianti, L., & Rajagukguk, R.O. (2019, in press). Economic entitlement and its implication on employment market: a pilot study.


Lee, B. (2019). Existential habit: the role of value in habit. Symposion Journal 6(1): p.55-78.


Lee, B., Fitria, A., & Ginting, H. (2019). Analysing literacy and other psychological tendencies using linguistic profile in English expressive writing: Are student able but unwilling to write?. Indonesian Journal of Applied Linguistics 9(1): p.27-37.


Ginting, H., Bangun, Y.R., Febriansyah, H., Setiawan, B., Lee, B., & Frissilia, G. (2018) Developing customized employee engagement measure in an Indonesian large company: procedure, validity, and reliability. International Journal of Business and Applied Social Science 4(6), p.1-18.


Rajagukguk, R.O., Suleeman, J., Eliana, R., & Lee, B. (2018). Social distance and empathy: Is there such thing as selective empathy?. ACERP IAFOR Proceeding; Kobe, Japan.


Rajagukguk, R.O., Tjandraningtyas, J.M., & Lee, B. (2017). Cognitive bias and performance: how familiarity affects expectation. ARUPS 2017 Proceeding; Bali, Indonesia.


Rahmani, K. & Lee, B. (2017). Cognitive bias: Dunning-Kruger Effect in collectivism culture. APsyA 2017 Proceeding, p.85-91. Malang, Indonesia.


Tjandraningtyas, J.M., Cornelia, A., Kosasih, A.B.A., & Lee, B. (2017). Women’s successfulness: Achievement motive and its hindrances related to traditional gender role and expectation. APsyA 2017 Proceeding, p.92-97. Malang, Indonesia.


Kayne, A.J.F., & Lee, B. (2017). Online self and discrepancy: who we are online, offline, and hoping to be. Prosiding Konferensi Nasional Peneliti Muda Indonesia, 2(1): p.85-91. Jakarta, Indonesia.

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