Yanina Prystauka

Program: Language and Cognition
Advisor: Gerry Altmann
Anticipated Graduation (Year Only): 2020
Education (Previous Degrees): MSc Cognitive Science (University of Trento, Italy)

BA Linguistics and Translation (Belarusian State University, Belarus)

Research Interests: Neural correlates of sentence processing, event representation, bilingualism
·         Representative Publications: ·         Rossi, E., Prystauka, Y. & Diaz, M. 2017 (accepted) Investigating L1 attrition and language change: neuroimaging perspectives. In Koepke, B. & Kijzer, M. (Eds). Handbook of Language Attrition: Psycho- and neurolinguistic perspectives. Oxford University Press

·         Krass, K., Prystauka, Y., & Rossi, E. (2016, August) Neural underpinnings of grammatical processing for less proficient L2 learners. Poster presented at the Society for the Neurobiology of Language Conference, London, UK.

·         Prystauka, Y., & Rossi, E. (2016, March) Oscillatory Dynamics of Morpho-Syntactic Processing in native and L2 speakers. Poster presented at the 29th Annual CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing, Gainesville FL.