Phillip Adrian Frazier

Program: Ecological Psychology
Advisor: J. Dixon
Anticipated Graduation: 2020
  • MSc, Psychology, Lehigh University (2012)
  • BA, Mathematics & Psychology, Cleveland State University (2010)
Research Interests: Motivation, goals, and goal directedness–conceptualized using the theoretical┬áresources of interaction dominant, far from equilibrium thermodynamics.
Representative Publications:
  • Frazier, P. A. & Allen, J. P. (2011). In the Pursuit of Goals: An Interactivist Approach. Presented at the Interactivist Summer Institute in Syros, Greece.


  • Snow, P. A.; Slifkin, A. B., Eder, J.R. (2010). Pink Noise in Human Behavioral Output. Poster presented at the Cleveland State University College of Science Research Day, Cleveland, OH.


  • Snow, P. A. (2008). A brief introduction to inner-product spaces and orthonormal bases. Talk presented at the Pi Mu Epsilon regional conference, Youngstown, OH.
Web Pages: Soundcloud