Lucy Finkelstein-Fox

Program: Clinical Psychology
Advisor: Crystal Park
Anticipated Graduation: 2021
Education: B.A., Psychology and Ethnomusicology, Barnard College of Columbia University

M.S., Clinical Psychology, University of Connecticut

Research Interests: Stress, Appraisals, and Coping

Adjustment to Major Life Events 

Complementary and Integrative Medicine

Representative Publications: Finkelstein-Fox, L., Park, C.L., & Kalichman, S.C. (2019). Health benefits of positive reappraisal coping among people living with HIV/AIDS: A systematic review. Health Psychology Review. doi: 10.1080/17437199.2019.1641424.


Finkelstein-Fox, L., Park, C.L., & Riley, K.E. (2019). Mindfulness’ effects on stress, coping, and mood: A daily diary goodness-of-fit study. Emotion, 19, 1002-1013. doi: 1037/emo0000495


Lee, S.Y., Finkelstein-Fox, L., Park, C.L., Huedo-Medina, T.B., Mazure, C., & Hoff, R. (2019). Bidirectionality of Pain and PTSD Symptoms in Military Veterans: Does Injury Status Moderate Effects? Pain Medicine, 20, 934-943. doi: 10.1093/pm/pny133


Olden, M., Wyka, K., Cukor, J., Peskin, M., Altemus, M., Lee, F.S., Finkelstein-Fox, L., Rabinowitz, T., & Difede, J. (2017). Pilot Study of a Telehealth-Delivered Medication-Augmented Exposure Therapy Protocol for PTSD. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 205, 154-160.


Park, C.L., Finkelstein-Fox, L., Barnes, D., Mazure, C.M., & Hoff, R. (2016). CAM use in Recently-returned OEF/OIF/OND US Veterans: Demographic and Psychosocial Predictors. Complementary Therapies in Medicine, 28, 50-56.