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Program: PhD program in clinical psychology
Advisor: Crystal Park
Anticipated Graduation: 2017
Education: MA in clinical and counseling psychology
Research Interests: Meaning in life and other existential concepts; stress and coping
Representative Publications:
  • George, L. S. & Park, C. L. (2015). Towards Conceptual Clarity, Integration, and Advancement: Tripartite Model of Existential Meaning. Manuscript submitted for publication.


  • Park, C. L., Aldwin, C. M., Choun, S., & George, L. (in press). Spirituality predicts five-year mortality risk in heart failure patients. Health Psychology.


  • George, L. S.,  Park, C. L., & Chaudoir, S. R. (in press). Examining the Relationship Between Trauma Centrality and PTSD Symptoms: A Moderated Mediation Approach. Traumatology.


  • George, L. S. & Park, C. L. (2013). Are meaning and purpose distinct? An examination of correlates and predictors. Journal of Positive Psychology, 8, 365-375.