Lin Nie


Program:  Ecological Psychology
Advisors: Claudia Carello
Anticipated Graduation: Spring 2017
Education: Franklin & Marshall College
Research Interests: Embodied Cognition, Interpersonal Coordination, Improvisational Dance, Human-Computer Interaction, Experimental Psychology
Representative Publications: Dotov, L Nie, K Wojcik, A Jinks, X Yu, A Chemero. Cognitive and movement measures reflect the transition to presence-at-hand (2017). New Ideas in Psychology 45, 1-10


MF Fultot, L Nie, C Carello, Perception-Action Mutuality Obviates Mental Construction (2016). Constructivist Foundations 1, 103-110


Schmidt, R. C., Nie, L., Franco, A., & Richardson, M. J. (2014). Bodily synchronization underlying joke telling. Frontiers in human neuroscience8, 633.


Dotov, D. G., de Wit, M. M., & Nie, L. (2012). Understanding affordances: history and contemporary development of Gibson’s central concept. AVANT. Pismo Awangardy Filozoficzno-Naukowej, (2), 28-39.


Nie, L., Dotov, D., & Chemero, A. (2011). Readiness-to-hand, extended cognition, and multifactality. In CogSci.

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