Katrina Burch

Program: Industrial/Organizational Psychology 
Advisor: Janet L. Barnes-Farrell
Anticipated Graduation: Spring 2018
Education: Washington State University, B.S.; University of Connecticut, M.A.
Research Interests:
  • Transitions between work and non-work spheres
  • Influences on employee safety both within and outside the workplace
  • Safety climate and behavioral aspects of safety
Representative Publications:
  • Burch, K.A., & Barnes-Farrell, J.L. (2016, April). Taking work home with you: The impact of work-related rumination on risky commuting safety behaviors. Accepted at the 12th Biannual European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology Conference, Athens, Greece.


  • Burch, K.A., Young, A.K., Dalal, D., & Carter, N.T. (2015, April). A multidimensional item response theory investigation of common method variance. Poster presented at the 30th Annual Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Conference, Philadelphia, PA. John Flanagan Award Finalist for Outstanding Student Contribution to the 2015 SIOP Conference Program.


  • Young, A.K., Boyko, N., Burch, K.A., & Barnes-Farrell, J. (2014, June). A model of work-family boundary management misfit and job outcomes: The buffering effects of telework. Paper presented to the Work Family Research Network Conference in New York, New York.


  • Davies-Schrills, K., Burch, K., Barnes-Farrell, J., & Cherniak, M. (2013). The prospective influence of sleep in occupational burnout. Sleep Science, 6(suppl. 1), 30.