Jennifer (Jenna) Ramirez

Program: Clinical Psychology Ph.D.
Advisor: Stephanie Milan
Anticipated Graduation: 2017
Education: University of Wisconsin – Madison (B.A.)
Research Interests: Maternal mental health, obesity, women’s mental and physical health, infant mental health intervention
Representative Publications:
  • Ramirez, J. & Milan, S. (2015).  Perceived Size of Friends and Weight Evaluation Among Low-Income Adolescents. Journal of Behavioral Medicine


  • Ramirez, J. & Milan, S. (In Press). Brief report: Childhood sexual abuse moderates the relationship between obesity and mental health in low-income women. Child Maltreatment. 


  • Milan, S. & Acker, J.C. (2014).  Early attachment quality moderates eating disorder risk among adolescent girls. Psychology & Health, 29(8), 896-914.


  • Milan, S., Zona, K., Acker, J., & Turcios-Cotto, V. (2012).  Prospective risk for adolescent PTSD: Sources of differential exposure and differential vulnerability.  Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, 41(2), 339-353.