Elif Ikizer


Program:  Social Psychology
Advisors: Nairan Ramirez-Esparaza and Dianne Quinn
Anticipated Graduation: August 2017
Education: B.S. in Chemistry, Bogazici University

M.A. in Psychology, Koc University

Research Interests:  Stigma, Culture, Language Analyses, Wise interventions, Bilingualism
Representative Publications:
1. Ikizer, E. G., Blanton, H. (2016). Media Coverage of “Wise” Interventions Can Reduce Concern for the Disadvantaged. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied.

2. Ikizer, E. G., & Ramirez-Esparza, N., Quinn, D. M. (in press). Culture and Concealable Stigmatized Identities: Examining Anticipated Stigma in the United States and Turkey. Stigma and Health.

3. Blanton, H., & Ikizer, E. G. (in press). The Bullet Point Bias: How Diluted Science Communications Can Impede Social Progress. In L. Jussim & J. T. Crawford. Political Bias in Psychological Research. Psychology Press.

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