Catherine Stewart

Program: Clinical Psychology
Advisor: Kimberli Treadwell
Anticipated Graduation: 2019
Education: M.S., Clinical Psychology, University of Connecticut, 2016

B.A., Psychology and Classics, Colby College, 2011

Research Interests: Community and school-based interventions for anxious youth; role of peers and social relationships in anxiety; treatment effectiveness and sustainability
Representative Publications:
  • Drake, K. L., Stewart, C. E., Muggeo, M. A., & Ginsburg, G. S. (2015). Enhancing the capacity of school nurses to reduce excessive anxiety in children: Development of the CALM intervention. Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Nursing28, 121-130.


  • Sweeney, C., Warner, C. M., Brice, C., Stewart, C., Ryan, J., Loeb, K. L., & McGrath, R. E. (2015). Identification of Social Anxiety in Schools: the Utility of a Two-Step Screening Process. Contemporary School Psychology, 1-8.


  • Fox, J. K., Herzig-Anderson, K., Colognori, D., Stewart, C. E., & Masia Warner, C. (2014). School-based treatment of anxiety in children and adolescents: New developments in transportability and dissemination. In M. D. Weist, N. A. Lever, C. P. Bradshaw, & J. S. Owens (Eds.), Handbook of School Mental Health (355-368). New York: Springer.


  • Masia Warner, C., Brice, C., Esseling, P., Stewart, C. E., Mufson, L., & Herzig, K. (2013). Consultants’ perceptions of school counselors’ ability to implement an empirically-based intervention for adolescent social anxiety disorder. Administration and Policy in Mental Health, 40(6), 541-554.


  • Colognori, D., Esseling, P., Stewart, C., Reiss, P., Lu, F., Case, B., & Masia Warner, C. (2012). Self-disclosure and mental health service use in socially anxious adolescents. School Mental Health, 4(4), 219-230.
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