Brett Goshe


Program:  Clinical Psychology
Advisors: Dean Cruess and Seth Kalichman
Anticipated Graduation: 2018
Education: M.S., Clinical Psychology, University of Connecticut

B.S., Psychology, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Research Interests: LGBT Health Disparities, HIV/AIDS, CBT Intervention Development/Refinement
Representative Publications: 1.Cruess, D. G., Burnham, K. E., Finitsis, D. J., Cherry, C., Grebler T., Goshe, B. M., Strainge, L., Kalichman, M. O., & Kalichman S. C. (2016). Online partner seeking and sexual risk among HIV+ gay and bisexual men: A dialectical perspective. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 1-9.

2. Cruess, D. G., Finitsis, D. J., Smith, A., Goshe, B. M., Burnham, K. E., Burbridge, C., & O’Leary, K. (2015). Brief stress management reduces acute distress and buffers physiological response to a social stress test. International Journal of Stress Management, 22(3), 270.

3. Blashill, A. J., Goshe, B. M., Robbins, G., Mayer, K. H., & Safren, S. A. (2014). Body image disturbance and health behaviors among sexual minority men living with HIV. Health Psychology, 33(7), 677-80.

4. Mayer, K. H., Skeer, M. R., O’Cleirigh, C., Goshe, B. M., & Safren, S. A. (2013). Factors associated with amplified HIV transmission behavior among American men who have sex with men engaged in care: Implications for clinical providers. Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 47(2), 165-71.

5. Blashill, A. J., O’Cleirigh, C., Mayer, K. H., Goshe, B. M., & Safren, S. A. (2012). Body mass index, depression, and sexual transmission risk behaviors among HIV-positive MSM. AIDS and Behavior 16(8), 2251-6.

6. Safren, S. A., O’Cleirigh, C., Skeer, M. R., Driskell, J., Goshe, B. M., Covahey, C., & Mayer, K. H. (2011). Demonstration and evaluation of a peer-delivered, individually-tailored, HIV prevention intervention for HIV-infected MSM in their primary care setting. AIDS and Behavior, 15(5), 949-58.


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