Alexis Johns

Program: Language and Cognition
Advisor: Emily Myers & James Magnuson
Anticipated Graduation: 2016
Education: B.A. Psychology, University of California – Davis
Research Interests: Spoken word recognition; how experience and expectations affect language comprehension; age-related sensory and cognitive decline
Representative Publications: Myers, E. B., Johns, A.R., Earle, F.S., Xie, X. The invariance problem in the acquisition of non-native phonetic contrasts: From instances to categories. Book chapter. Aditi Lahiri, ed., Mouton. Title TBA.


Johns, A. R., & Myers, E. B. Talker learning effects observed in early, preattentive acoustic processing: A mismatch negativity study. 23rd Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Neuroscience Society. April 2-5.

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