Eric Lundquist

Research Interests:

  • Language And Reading
  • History Of Psychology
  • Statistics

Undergraduate courses

  • General Psychology I
  • Principles of Research in Psychology
  • Learning
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • History and Systems of Psychology

Graduate courses

  • Analysis of Experiments
  • Quantitative Methods in the Behavioral Sciences


Representative Publications:

  • Shankweiler, D., Lundquist, E., Katz, L., Stuebing, K.K., Fletcher, J.M., Brady, S., Fowler, A., Dreyer, L.G., Marchione, K.E., Shaywitz, S.E., & Shaywitz, B.A. (1999). Comprehension and decoding: Patterns of association in children with reading difficulties. Scientific Studies of Reading 3(1): 69-94.
  • Shankweiler, D., Crain, S., Katz, L., Fowler, A.E, Liberman, A.M., Brady, S.A., Thornton, R., Lundquist, E., Dreyer, L., Fletcher, J.M., Stuebing, K.K., Shaywitz, S.E., & Shaywitz, B.A. (1995). Cognitive profiles of reading-disabled children: Comparison of language skills in phonology, morphology, and syntax. Psychological Science, 6(3): 149-156.