Developmental (DEV) Division

Ph.D. Program in Developmental Psychology

Developmental Website


  • Children’s peer relations
  • Development of basic and higher order cognitive processes
  • Parent-infant interactions
  • Social and communicative behavior in infants
  • Language acquisition across languages and cultures
  • Lateralization of cognitive abilities and developmental disorders
  • Development of instinctive behavior in nonhuman organisms


  • Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology (PDF)
  • Additional divisional requirements (PDF)

Core Faculty

  • Marie Coppola
  • Kimberly Cuevas
  • James A. Green
  • Nicole Landi
  • Elena Levy (Stamford)
  • Letitia R. Naigles (Division Head)
  • Adam Sheya
  • Rhiannon Smith

Affiliated Faculty

  • Gwen Gustafson

Research Labs


Division Contact

Dr. Letitia Naigles