Room Reservations

Bousfield Rooms & Whetten Labs

Anyone may check the availability of department-controlled Bousfield and Whetten rooms via the online Psyweb system. Some Bousfield rooms can be self-reserved through Psyweb; others can be reserved by emailing the psychological sciences general mailbox at

To check availability of and reserve BOUS A105 or A106, email scheduling in the registrar’s office.

Lastly, while the Whetten Labs are generally in use by scheduled classes, available labs can be reserved by emailing the psychological sciences IT staff.

Scheduler Classroom Type Technology Cap
Psychological Sciences BOUS A101A Seminar Hi Tech 25
Registrar BOUS A105 Seminar Hi Tech 25
Registrar BOUS A106 Lecture Hi Tech 95
Psychological Sciences BOUS 109 Seminar Tech-Ready 25
Psychological Sciences BOUS 135 Seminar Hi Tech 12
Psychological Sciences BOUS 160 Lecture Hi Tech 30
Psychological Sciences BOUS 161 Seminar Tech-Ready 25
Psychological Sciences BOUS 162 Seminar Hi-Tech 25
Psychological Sciences BOUS 254 Seminar Hi-Tech 12
Psychological Sciences (IT) WGC 300A Computer Lab (Windows) Hi Tech 24
Psychological Sciences (IT) WGC 300B Computer Lab (Mac) Hi Tech 24
Psychological Sciences (IT) WGC 300C Computer Lab (Mac) Hi Tech 24
Psychological Sciences (IT) WGC 300D Computer Lab (Windows) Hi Tech 24

University Classrooms

Scheduling in the registrar’s office controls the scheduling of many classrooms on campus, including BOUS A105 and A106. Refer to the Classrooms website for more information about specific classrooms and capabilities. Email scheduling to check availability and make a reservation.

Library Rooms

The library has many rooms that can be reserved through their internal reservation system. These rooms can be an attractive option in a pinch when the Bousfield rooms are booked. Refer to the Library Rooms Scheduling Site for more information. (Making a reservation does require an account, which can take 1-2 business days.)

Atrium and Mezzanine

Many of the departmental events are held within these two facilities. However, faculty and graduate students are welcome to reserve these spaces for private events for either their division, research lab, or department. In order to so, an Atrium or Mezzanine form must be sent to the front office and filled out with details regarding the event, at least 3 weeks prior of the event date. Once the front office approves the event it will be posted on the Psychological Sciences Department calendar. Once posted on the calendar it is official and the person who submitted the event will receive confirmation. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the front office,

Note: Registrar oversees BOUS A105 & A106, if you want to reserve either of these rooms please fill out a room request form so Registrar can be contacted by the front office to check availability.